Transvestite Or Crossdresser?

Either way, i am one of the two - maybe both. For years, i just thought I was a guy with a panty fetish. Well, yes, I love women's panties and I wear them whenever i can. Most of the time, my dressing is limited to underdressing in panties. However, when the weather is cooler and long trousers or a jecket or sweatshirt can hide pantyhose and a bra line, i will wear a cami, bra and hose - as well as nylon briefs (Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau are my favorite).

I have had skirts, blouses and dresses but like many of us, I have had to purge and it takes time to rebuild. I am married and my wife does not know about my little hobby. i've kept it secret for many years. She's very conservative about sex and such things so I will never reveal to her. In fact, I've never revealed my secret except to cyber folks anonymously. I am completely hetero, not looking to "hook up" for sex, just interested to share experiences, see how others in the same situation cope with it. Also, if anyone has any ideas on good safe places to shop and perhaps even try on some sexy things, that would be great.

Like many of us, I started young, in my ealy teen years with a pair of sisters nylon panties. The feel was great then and it is still great more than a few years later. Part of the fascination is creating the opportunity to do dress. The anticipation of the purchase and finally getting to wear my silky treasure is a real gift.
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Well, over my lifetime of cross dressing, I probably have had over 100 pair. Last time I purged over 30 pairs of beautiful nylon panties of various brands, styles, colors and prints went bye-bye. Now I am at about 15 pair. How about you?

How many pairs of panties do u have