The First Time I Crossdressed

I was 12 at the time. I had learnt to **********. But did not know why I liked it. We had an empty house next door.There was a window at the back which was loose and I knew how to open it.

 I was a voracious reader. In one of the books I read about a girl who was forced into prostitution. I magined myself in her place and enjoyed the feeling of being tortured and raped.One day I thought of dresing up as a girl to enhance the feeling. The only female clothes available in the home were my mothers'. I removed one old petticoat, hid it in that empty house and stiched shoulder straps with two pieces of cloth. This became a sort of frock. That was the beginning.

Now at nearing 60 also I enjoy dressing up in girlie clothes. Now I have money and sometimes I am away from home and indulge in the fantasy in my hotel room or the rented room where I stay when I am posted outside my city.

I have never been able to tell my wife or friiends about this. I often use hair removers for my legs. They are smooth. But then they are hidden under clothes most of the time. I would like to remove the hair from my chest also, but being afraid of opinions of others I have not been able to do it.

Any one with similar experience?

Love and hugs


piyalisen piyalisen
56-60, M
Feb 25, 2010