Ever Since I Was A Little Girl...

For as long as I can remember I've had an interest in wetting and even wearing diapers. I wet myself fairly often as a little girl, it wasn't sexual, yet, I just liked doing it. I was too young at the time to really be embarrassed about it, but I stopped when I was in second grade. My interest in diapers took a hiatus as well when it became embarrassing. I wet the bed until I was in first grade, but I liked the diapers so I kept using them at night and pretended that I was still wetting the bed, right up until third grade when I started getting invited to sleepovers, and didn't want the wear them at my friend's houses. I tried to hide the last of my diapers so I could keep wearing them, but my mom eventually found them. So I stopped wetting myself and wearing diapers for a while but I never stopped thinking about it. I don't remember exactly when it happened, but in my early teens those thoughts started to become sexual. And now here I am, 20 years old still being turned on by these things and doing them when I can get away with it without getting caught. I am definitely a closet wetter, all you people out there on EP are the first people I've EVER told about my wet little secret. Lately, I've kind of wanted to share my secret though, so here I am! My name is Danielle, I'm 20 years old, and I love to wet myself and wear diapers.

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hi danielle
i love your story and i really would love to have a girlfriend who likes wetting and diapers

I took diapers and pull-ups to friends houses for sleepovers. My mom always sent a note with me that I had to give to their mom asking her to help me get into my diaper at night. So enjoyably embarrassing.

Very cute and sexy, Danielle. Wetting and pullups are ok by me, quite sexy even! =)

A really nice story, nicely written. My interest started at 13, required doing lots of laundry at secret times, and included all the embarrassment and secrecy you describe. It is such a relief to start talking about it in a place like this, to know that others all around us had the same diaper and wetting wishes and feelings.

Your story probably mirrors most of ours...staring very young, giving it up, then rediscovering it as an adult! Be careful about experimenting in public though, once you enjoy that thrill you'll be hooked! You' be surprised at what you can get away with in public, because people are not expecting or looking for you to be wetting! Give it a try!<br />
Thanks for sharing!<br />

Hi, Thank you for your story. We share the same interests. And when I read your story it's almost as if I'm reading my own story. Great! Thanks Love, Elsbeth

Yes, it's good that EP is a safe place to share experiences.<br />
And I'm really glad you trust us with your closet secret.

Try pooping your pantie once

thnks for sharing

Wow I can't believe it, the entire way I started wetting is almost exactly like yours, I've also never told anyone about my little fetish, intact. This is the first time I said anything about it, I'm worried think I'm really weird are something, but I think about it all the time, I'm just glad someone else feels the same way so I don't feel so weird..

I have liked peeing my pants for about40 yrs but omly found the delights of being diappered and having a mom clean me up.now wear panties so will continue wetting in them.don't wet in public

oh my god ur exactly the same as me ha! x write bak if u fancy chatting?

K... I'm fairly new 2 the whole wetting thing... diapers & panties and in just a shoert time have embraced both. I started with diapers but after corresponding with some EP members have begun wetting my panties. I keep finding new ways to do it and altho it's sumtimes sexual it's also quite a thrill 2 be wet around other peeps when they don't kno. :-)

well thanks for sharing with us good on you girl enjoy it and keep doing it

Great to meet you here, my story is very similar to yours! Stay wet n happy! ;-P

Thanks for sharing Danielle - have fun and stay safe, that's all that counts!

Practice makes perfect, and once you have done it a few times it becomes second nature to just go when you want to. It is important that it is fun, so do what makes you happy :-)<br />
<br />

I've thought about trying to wet myself under my skirt around other people, Pauly, and I might even be able to get away with it, but I'm way too nervous about being caught to try it. I'd probably be too paranoid to enjoy it if I tried.

like you said you like to wear diapers so problem solved, if not practice alone in your backyard or something, and if people see you, who cares, theyre strangers

I guess that we are all in the closet, but that does not mean that you can't get out and about and wet yourself. No one needs to know what is happening under your skirt!<br />
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hi and welcome to ep...<br />
<br />
there are a lot of people who enjoy wetting, and if you like to do it and nobody gets hurt by it, then enjoy it.