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  Good day to anyone reading this. An open mind is required.

  I crossdress at home. I have done this for over 35 years. I do not pass nor do I fully dress. My wife knows and does not accept. I dress by mutual agreement that I do not involve her or while she is home. I am heterosexual. Have had bi thoughts but have no plan to follow through. I started out of curiousity...why did mom and sis wear pretty underthings and I had the tighty whities??

 In my early days, I wore mom's old panties, pantihose that I found in a rag box. Never her good things. Sis's stuff was too small for me. Today I buy and wear my own. Bikini or full cut panties, underwire bras (no boobs),garterbelts,stockings,heels, and a full slip are my comforts.

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We have similar stories. Always good to realize how much we are NOT alone in our love for wonderful lingerie.

I'm in the exact same boat and would like to be added as a friend please

Keep the faith honny

Add me to this growing list of "feminine closet dwellers"! I am so amazed to discover just how "not alone" I am with my feminine love that, like many, began with mom's wonderful silkies and heels.

Thank you both, "CandyCane51" and "killerlegs" for your very nice comments which are appreciated. I wish it were possible to accept both of your offers. Sadly the reality is that we'll have to be content with sharing and caring via EP, I guess.
Hugs to you both,
1:53 AM EDT, Sat., 8/3/2013

I am the same its been 39 years and I am still in the closet even with my wife! On day it will come out!

Your not alone. Many CD's don't pass and stay inside. Sorry to hear your wife does not share your interest.

as I tell others, it is her loss

yes that is me to i started out with my moms and sisters underthings to a about 10 or 11