Closet Bi Guy Looking For An Accepting Woman

I am a Closet bi guy looking to meet a woman, closeted lesbian or straight and understanding, to date and potentially start my life with. I come from a great family, with a great job, great friends, great life and I want to start a family one day with a woman I love. This woman must love me back and this is only possible if she knows the truth about me but is willing to deal with it. I am not looking to cheat, but i need to be open about this.
I like my life and I dont want anyone to know about this, its my choice and I hope somone can accept me for it. I have been in relationships before with incredible women but since I knew they wouldnt accept the fact that I can go both ways, and I thus couldn't speak to them about it, I lost interest and it wasnt fair to them. I am a great guy, with a great heart, good looking with lots of friends and a lot going for me. Id love to meet that one lady that off that bat accepts me. I come from a jew-ish loving family and am looking for someone around my age, 22.
GetAtMe123 GetAtMe123
22-25, M
Nov 26, 2012