Seeking A Gay For Friendship Or Moc

I'm a Lesbian girl , having a very good relationship with a girl that I love and we are always looking forward to meet new people and good friends.
living almost independent , successful in my carreer , friendly , responsible , respected, I love life and I'm very enthusiastic . I have a very good relation with my parents.
I'm joining this page to meet a gay with suitable life characteristics , for a friendship or marriage of convenience , so that we can help each others to have a normal social life since our own real social life is unfortunatly rejected.
I'm so satisfied with what I'm on, but I need to block all the judges and comments arround me regarding my personal life , to save my love , to be able to live without troubles ,to satisfy my family , and to help a guy also that may be facing the same problems...
If you are interested , please contact me .
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26-30, F
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i am a south Indian gay guy looking for MoC. If still looking and interested, please get back to me.

hey i am a 30 year old gay guy based in chandigarh. my story is pretty similar to urs and now i hv finally realised that moc is the best way forward. i also feel that moc shud be such that we can carry our other life discreetly and with a sense of fulfilment. im discreet and straight acting and well settled professionally. if ur keen to hv an initial chat plz msg me or email on all the best and tc:)

Where are you from miss?

If still looking contact me :)

Hi, may i have your email address? I am looking for MOC

moc.reason skype

hello, I am seriously interested in it. I am facing the same problem as you do. I want to have a lesbian woman to get married. What are you right now? Right now I am at Phoenix, AZ area. We get to know each other. If you happen to be here, why not let us have a coffee or tea over the weekends? I just graduate from school with my master degree. And I am passionate about life as you are.Please text me at 860-942-2931. Thanks..



Lsn , add me to skype Selfindero.... Urgently

Can u give me ur email to add u dear? I dt use skype daily

sure, my email is
dont get afraid, loool

Please message me I like to get to know you ;)

add me on skype selfindero

could you email me instead its