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My body feels weak, my heart is aching, my mind is numb, i guess this is the price to pay for not being able to just accept the fact that i am gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay......
iblogaboutlove iblogaboutlove 26-30, M 4 Responses May 11, 2011

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Why can't you accept it?

because deep down inside, i still want to be able to get married when i;m ready, so if i were to openly being gay, then the chances of me getting married is slim. agree?

Depends on where u live? also whether you admit it or not,sorry if this makes u feel bad but doesnt take away the fact that your gay,one day u will have to come to terms with it or else it seems your gonna continue being un happy..I'm sure it wont be easy but i think it'll be better in the long run might set u free and than maybe you'll get something even better than that perfect picture u had of what a normal or perfect marriage should be or look least it seems like u might have an idea like that in your head from reading your storys,sorry if that wasnt the case..Im not gay so i dont know what its like to be gay and in the closet but I think you should do whatever makes u happy..and it doesnt sound like your happy now being alone and in the closet..good luck though,hope u figure it out and make the right decisions.

Yes I totally agree with you. Being honest is the smartest thing to do. In my case I am 100 percent accepted that im gay. Im being honest with myself. Accepting is part of growing up. Only I would like to remain in a closet cause when I weighed pros and cons. I rather be in closet for less headache. but thanks for the encouragement!!!!

stay strong!!

You too!! Cheers

thanx :) I will too.

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I am surviving still..amen to that (i guess) (fakesmile) , thanks garydavids and newport68 for the comments! I guess i am not all alone on this miserable boat!

Do not give up. There will come a day when people like you and I will not be made to feel guilty and ashamed of who and what we are. There is nothing wrong with you it is just societies narrow minded ness that has caused you your sadness. But like every other struggle, time has a way of making things right.

Thanks :)