How Does It Feel ?

Iv heard about girl having sex with another girl. Touching each other , squeezing , rubbing, licking, smelling, each other. Fingers going in parts that make them scream or moan. Lip to lip , boob to boob, ***** to *****. Sucking each others ***** kissing each other. Oh how does it feel ? I am bisexual & all I have done is pop kiss with a girl :0 FAIL. I want to know how was it? Did u like it? I am going to do it one day .. I hope it feels good like other girls say. I want to do everything even with a strap on :D
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3 Responses May 13, 2012

i want to kiss u .... May i ??? May i?????lol

Wtf dude I don't know u ? && u don't know me ? How can u wana kiss me if I don't have a picture ? That's very strange !?

I love some tips .. I need them :D

i which icould be dat one girl! i never tried it either but i can show u a few tips lol i watch **** for dat