Does Homosexuality Make Any Sense?

Does homosexuality make any sense? I mean... if we think biologically being gay makes no sense, because it interfers with life's main objective- reproduction... so why are some of us gay?

Recently i heard a girl talking, saying she wants two children, and made me think about it... do i want children? And most important do i want a family of my own? And i came to a conclusion...yes, i want a family and i want to have children of my own some day...but wait... if i'am gay how am i suppose to have that? Because adopting is not the same think, it's something much more complicated (even though a beautiful thing) than having your own children... and another problem, is it possible for two men to actually be together in a stable lasting relationship? I mean, men's nature is way more of a physicaly "attached" nature than an emocional one (like women's) so, is it possible for two men to build that without cheating, and deceiveing?

The thing is... i am in the closet, i am alone and most of the time feeling miserable but.... when i look out there, trying to find something true, seomething pure, something that would justify me coming out.... i don't find it! To what would i come out to?
To a stupid world where gay men seemed only interested to get laid as much as possible, to some stupid "pride" parades where "pride" means making a fool of yourself wearing just thight underwear on some alegoric car, some colorful feathers, makeup and women clothes?
What about what's real?
What about truly love somebody, trying to make a life with that special person, trying to have a family, to be truly accepted?

I am so disapointed with the world we live in, and mostly not because of straight people behavior but because of gay people behavior!
Everything that today is sold as "gay" seems so shalow to me... so without a purpose... and i feel so lost.... everything would be so much easier if i was just straight!
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I share with you the opinion that in nature, one of the most important objectives of a live being is to reproduce, pass forward its genes. But when this live being is intelligent, the life becomes more than these things. I think being happy is the main goal to us! We are moved by our desire! If in your seek for happiness you make some memorable achievement for humanity, have a son, construct a family, write a book, save some lives, it’s just a bonus, what really matters to you in the end is live moments that make your life have been worthwhile.

About the "why" issue, there is no answer, things don't exist to perform some defined function, they just exist, our mind is addicted to attribute meaning to phenomenon, coincidences, people, everything... Everything means nothing!

I guess, although my poor experience in relationships, gay family: father1, father2 and sons are completely viable and gay couples can be faithful, I know some people that make it... And before anything, gays are people, and there are people of all kind, those that like to climb naked on allegoric cars in the crowds and those who prefer to meditate in a peaceful place, gay or hetero...

I dream with a stable relationship and a family in the future, and I'm definitely not a "naked on a allegoric car" gay (no prejudice).

Life is about more than just reproduction. There are many heterosexual couples who either choose not to have children or who cannot have children. It is not essential for the survival of the species for all members of that species to reproduce. <br />
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It is also the case that the survival of the species is determined by a lot of other factors besides reproduction. For social animals like humans, survival also depends on social co-operation and the contribution made to the collective wellbeing. Childless people can all make a positive contribution in that sense that is every bit as important.<br />
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As to whether any one of us makes a positive contribution and in what way. Well that is down to us.<br />
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What I would say is that whether gay, straight or bi, we mostly all benefit from companionship, love and the pleasure that sex can bring. Most of us are happier and therefore function a lot better with a loving partner to share our lives with and support us through life's rough patches. So I would say that whether gay or straight or bi - findings someone special to share your life with will benefit most people & help them make a more positive contribution to society as a whole.<br />
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I don't see anything wrong with Gay Pride and various other flabouyances that gay people are sometimes involved with. Pride is basically a Mardi Gras - its no different from any other Mardi Gras parade in my view. A good one now and then is just a bit of fun - a celebration as it were. But everything in moderation is probably the addage that should apply. People who devote their entire social lives to Gay Prides, Gay scene etc probably miss out on some of the other things life has to offer. But an occasional party never did anyone any harm. The trick is finding a healthy balance.

Dear blagger (not a typo, bloggers ruin real literature) poster... Seriously, learn how to spell and magically produce enough brain stems so they may one day help you in the process of attempting to string together coherent sentences... Second, I'm not gay, I'm a male married to a woman and I could care less about having kids, so if two "gay/homo/partners" (whatever the **** is politically correct these days, guys want to adopt a child who comes from poverty, a ****** home or anywhere else, then you are doing the world a favor. Third, NO, HOMOSEXUALITY makes NO biological sense... A penis inserted in another male's butt and vise-versa just yells out to me, "Old men wearing colostomy bags..." Shoot me if you want future posters, but it's my understanding that a penis was meant to go in a vagina, not another males butthole...

First off all, English is not my first language so i would like to think since i am pratically self taught that it isn't that bad, nor the speaking or the writing ... I would like to see you doing that... learning a foreign language just like that... maybe you are the one that can not 'magically produce enought brain stems' to have think about it before you start typing... It just shows how ignorant you are!!! Second, i am here asking this questions because i would like that some more enlightened people could share their thoughts with me, not someone that seems to be living in the 13th century... " penis was meant to go in a vagina???" " Old men wearing colostomy bags???" Seriosly??? God, you are soo ******* retarded! Just crawl back to the hole you came from!

I do agree with you about pretty much everything you said. I think that the "Pride" is a part of a stage that is necessary for growth. What I mean by that is that you can't go from lgbts being ostracized to being fully accepted overnight or even in a couple of years. And while "pride" may seem silly, and, at sometimes, laughable, I think it's a step towards one day gay/straight issues essentially being a non-issue. If "pride" didn't exist, there wouldn't be nearly as much attention focused on getting the real issues across and progress would be, at best, much slower than what is happening now.<br />
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On the point gays not being able to commit to a relationship and only being shallow, sex-crazed nuts (like most men, gay or straight), I believe there are exceptions to the rule. I can't really tell you where these guys may be (I wouldn't mind having someone like that too), but they are out there. I often subscribe to the same feelings that you have shared, but I know that there are people like me who want to commit and aren't just interested in the number of people they've had in bed. It's times when we feel like this when we think that we have some sort of a disorder, but we are they way we are for a reason. <br />
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The reason I responded to this post was because I basically identify with it on a daily basis. I've made steps, but I'm not there. I've come out a little to some people, but I'm all the way there yet. The best advice I can offer you is to know that, even though don't you think your very existence makes any sense whatsoever, you're here for a reason and you will find a reason to finally make that next step and come out and be with someone who has the same feelings as you do. Suddenly then, you will start to make sense to yourself.

I don't define myself as being gay just as most straight people don't define themselves as being heterosexual. It's just one part of who I am. <br />
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Homosexuality makes sense to a gay person. And it could be a way for nature to keep from overpopulating - by having a segment of the population that is not breeding. Then again, we seem to have numerous men who get married to a woman and raise families and then later accept their sexuality.<br />
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Also, men can and do live together in long term, lasting, committed relationships because there are numerous combinations of personalities that make of couples.

Does homosexuality make any sense? If I have to answer it I'd say no. To me it feels like it's some sort of defects in the collective gene pool of human beings which, at the end of the day, goes against nature's trend of evolution. The more society doesn't allow it, the more this gene passes on, and the problem remain.<br />
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But the thing is, should this be how you define yourself as a person, or as the basis of life? These notions of stereotype/ labeling/ stereotype really seem to grapple how people chooses to live. Like you said, I also feel that those stupid parade where people wear tight pants and dress up like women rather unnecessary, as well as all the 'pride' movements; it's like they are just trying to live up to expectation and to those people who label them gay. (But then again it's people's choice and I really appreciate how they are striving for a more open and accepting society, what I am saying is that it's again, a personal choice whether you choose to go along that path).<br />
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If you see life as more than just that, there really are many more options in terms of how you want history sees your existence. Which I consider the reason why so many people choose not to be 'out', simply because they see life as more than just a label, and that being closeted is just a necessary precondition to achieving what they really want in life.

Sometimes i think like that but i don't have interest in children , yeah sometimes i think there will be my children , but i think everything has good and bad side too , i just know i want someone who live with me forever and always right by my side<br />
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Love is not doing sex with your partner ,it means if you feels like you can't live a single minute without him/her and about the fu*kin' straight people they did sex and doing overpopulating each day , and they throw the child like a waste outside to get fu*ked cause' they have many children, don't you think they should stop this ?? at least homos don't mess the things in this field <br />
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And I agree whatya said that silly parade , and for me if there is someone who love me then i'll be his/her everything or if there is no one for me then i'll live alone i know it's a bit difficult to but i know i m in habit of that<br />
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And i think two men can be in a relationship which can last forever i've seem many but they were not gay but i think no... i m absolutely sure it can be you said that men's nature is more physically attached, i dunno bout but that here i liked a boy when i see him he blow my mind off how much i feel for him, i want him emotionally, spiritually and sexually and just one time just i want him to feel the same what i feel for him ...