I think I first started to realize that I was different at the beginning of high school. I was never attracted to any girls at least not in a sexual way though I have had a few girlfriends I guess I thought that I would eventually grow feelings for them. My longest relationship was about six months. I was always attracted to guys but I more so thought that I wanted to be more like them and not with them so to speak. I think I am now just starting to come to terms with the fact that I am gay. I have never talked to anyone about this. I have only recently started to search online and on YouTube to listen and read others stories in a hope that it can give me the courage to finally accept myself and maybe tell my family.
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Hey Joe,Love your Icon(The Wolf)Don't be a"Lone Wolf".I'm 44 and have been,but I'm hoping the "Experience Project"and stories like yours will help me reach out.

I get what you say when you wanted to be like them. I think deep down we want to be with that other person but initially we feel like we want to be that person. Its a weird feeling but thats how i eventually came to terms with my homosexuality. Maybe its same for you. I hope things work out for you in the future.

I am coming into this discussion a month late, I hope you feel better about yourself since reading some of the comments here on EP. From me to you, welcome.<br />
It may take a bit to completely understand yourself; but please do not put yourself in a closet or corner because you are afraid to enter into relationships with other men. Having a relationship with another guy does not mean the two of you will be naked and all over each other. It just means you take time to learn about him and his likes and dislikes. Let the sex part come naturally. It will happen and it will bring you one of your life's largest high.

Hey Thanks everyone for the support it really helps.

And having the courage to as people about their own experiences helps too. I know I never really did... but I so wanted to reach out. That said now I find that I like hearing about the lives of other gay guys, be tehy happy stories or sad ones.