The Fork In My Road

Well my story begins with me at 21 with a beautiful women who is perfect for me and was understandingand a life long partner she is my world I began a new lIfe with her involving 3 children who I always wanted and love and at the same time I have been hiding this deep dark secret when I was 21 prior to are relationship I slept with a man and enjoyed it but was not in love like I am with her and I have held those hormones at bay for a while but it was hurting not to be able to experience these feelings and emotions with a man so I began down a bad moral path and snuck away to have small romances with men but it hurt to lie to her so I eventually told her that I am bisexual and feel as though as I deserve certain needs but she said no and was understandingof my feelings about men and we began to work as partners to tackle any needs we tried pegging aka strap-ons and various sexual activities but they were just fun and not fulfilling at all so I started daiting without her concent it was so fun and wrong at the same time I mean I was more then careful and pertected but now I feel like I am in trouble I was just tasting the waters and nothing more but last week I met a man who rocked my world and I felt the same feeling I feel when I kiss her as I do with him and he is just wonderfull I feel so complete now but at the same time I am a cheating scum and just think I deserve the electric chair I just wanted to experience the things I didn't get to do by jumping in to a realationship and I feel sick when we are together either of us and I don't know what to do please just be honest and tell me if I should just give up and be alone I love my kids and would love to have both but it's not possible I don't think it is and if it comes down to it I want to be the responsible man I was before and don't know if I can break it to James he doesn't even know and he is so sweet I am scum for what I've done the heart is always wrong or mine is at least FML HELP me
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I think you need to be honest with your spouse. The fact is you tried the straight life and it doesn't work for you. You already feel bad lying and cheating. Its ok to be bi or gay, but this is her life too, not to mention your children. They deserve to see their parents happy in a honest relationship. Chances are your wife knows something is missing! Be honest and live your life with some integrity. Everyone will be alot happier when you are being who you really are! Good luck. Maybe you can start by showing her this post!

This is my life please help me with some real advice