Closeted Bi/gay Looking For Woman For An Honest Relationship

I am a closet bi guy looking to meet a woman, close lesbian or straight but understanding, to date and potentially love and start my life with. I need the love of my life to know this about me, and since I dont want the gay lifestyle, and I want to start a family with a beautiful loving woman, love can only be achieved if we are honest about everything. and I cant just lay this on table when I meet someone at a bar haaaa.
I come from a great family, great friends, great job, great life and I want to share it with a woman I love, who loves me for me 100%. We will be open and discuss how we will go about our relationship.
I like my life and I dont want anyone to know about this, its my choice and I hope somone can accept me for it. I have been in relationships before with incredible women but since I knew they wouldnt accept that I can go both ways, the lack of honesty made me lose interest . I am a great guy, with a great heart, good looking that knows how to treat a lady right. Not at all like the creep this post makes me out to be :)
I come from a jew-ish loving family and am looking for someone around my age, 22.
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Have you read Josh Weed's blog? (Happily-married-to-a-woman-the-love-of-his-life-and-by-the-way-he's-gay)Just search for Josh Weed. It's possible.

thanks for the reply. his situation is the dream for me, exactly how i want it. but finding a woman like his is nearly impossible to find :(

I know. :(
But we don't know the future.
I sure didn't expect my life to turn out the way it did.
I never expected to meet the guy I fell for; I didn't know there was anyone like him in the world.
We did not end up in a romantic relationship;
But I never expected to find such an awesome friendship, that changed me, and healed me. I didn't think I would find anyone who would heal me.