My Craigslist Encounter

Hi, I am a married male, I over the years have come to realize that I am more and more becoming interested in being with men, this is my second time with a man, and it was exciting and wonderful. Here is what happened.

I posted an add in Craigslist talking about how much I think of ****, and being with a man, and I got several ad responses that I was communicating with, I finally met one man "Billy" who said that he had many of the same feelings. Billy is a 61 year old married man who was also bisexual, we chatted a bit through e-mail and then agreed to meet at a mall near me. We described what each of us would be wearing, and we went to meet at the Starbucks there. Billy was there before me and he spotted me immediately and motioned to me. We chatted for a while and it seems that we did hit it off, but eventually he said that he had to go, I asked him where he was parked, he was in the garage, I asked him if I could walk with him to his car and he said "sure". We left our table and went to the parking garage, we took the elevator, once the doors opened we went in, we were the only ones in the elevator, once the elevator door closed I took his hand and kissed it, and I grabbed his crotch, he grabbed mine too, he seemed to like it! Once the doors opened again, it was clear that something was going to happen, we walked to his car and we both got in, there was a uncertainty and excitement in the air, then I said to him "Do you want me to suck it?" he then reached down and undid he belt and pulled out his 7.5 fat **** out, and it was staring me in the face. It didn't take long, maybe a second or two, and I was already going down on him, Billy was so surprized, he said "Look at you go", at this point I was fully engaged in blowing his fat ****, I licked the head, went all the way down on his shaft, barely coming up for air, he told me to go easy, I was trying to suck all the *** out of him! Finally I came back up for air, and I told him I wanted to "return the favor" so I unbuckled my belt and pulled out my newly shaved **** and balls, Billy went down on me as I held his head to my ****, I know that he was getting pre-*** and I could feel my *** being sucked out of me. Then it was my turn again and I went down on him again, this time licking his **** head and going as far down his shaft that was physically possible, I loved it, and I was so very hungry, I worked him for what seemed like ten minutes this time. I came up again for air, and then fed him my **** again as he once again was sucking the precum out of me. At this point some people were coming so we moved the car up one level and proceeded to go down on each other one last time. All the while we were french kissing each other, I stuck my waiting tongue down his throat, and then finally went down on him one last time. working his shaft like no other, I regret I was not able to get him to ***, but I tried the best I could, but we were simply out of time. Billy then drove me back to my car and left very excited and then I went home with a fresh new memory!! I have to admit, I love both women and men, but men really excite me more because now I am free to explore my love for **** sucking . . . I intend to study this more and more in the future!! Im sure we will "visit" each other again soon. BTW Billy said he was sorry we were out of time because if there was a little more time, I would have made him ***, he said he was really close. Ill get him next time and then I plan to swallow!
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man- this is how I feel all the time! Married, but love to spend time with men.

Hot story btw