Since 5th Grade

i have been questioning my sexuality since 5th grade and i am now in ninth but now i know i am bi. i can't come out i come from a family that doesn't allow being gay.i think the only person you would accept me is my mom i really dn't know what to do
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ACE2010 has given you great advice I would say that the part about being "gentle with yourself, it doesn't all have to be done now" is the most important part. You are still developing and evolving. When I was 16 years old I was raised in a Christian (United Pentecostal) household. I called Sally Jesse Raphael show to get some advice about being gay. Unfortunately my mother was listening to the radio while driving and recognized my voice. She immediately came home and found me in my dad’s home office while I was still talking to Sally. The things my mother said to me should never come out of a mouth of a mother to her child. She also told me that I was never to speak of being gay again to anyone! I guess the only good thing about it is my mother prayed for me all the time. Someone praying for you is not all that bad, but I did feel like screaming a few times. I have said all this to say that coming out is a big decision and if you feel that your family will react negatively then you may be right. I believe in that sixth sense warning. I believe you will know when the time is right, just make sure that you are truly ready and don't let any friend pressure you in coming out. Good luck and I wish you a good life.

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It's very hard to be so young and feel so isolated, take comfort from the fact that you are so young, with plenty of time to grow and experience life. There are many like you and there have been many over the years, that had to deal with similar feelings in less liberal times. You will survive these current feeelings of unhappiness, but allow yourself to do that. I don't know where you are located but if you research the larger towns/ cities you might find that they have a gay group and many have teen groups. I wish you the very best band be gentle with yourself, it doesn't all have to be done now.. ACE2010

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