I've Shown Progress...

Ever since I wrote my last post on November 10th, I've come out to my best friend. She was very accepting and she made it easier for me to be who I am. I still feel uncomfortable sharing things that I like around her (even though we probably have the same taste). I've also come out to a co-worker of mine (Emily), I've known her since freshman year and we joined many of the same organizations. I can share more with her because I know she wouldn't care. I have a crush on her best friend, everyone thinks he is gay b/c he is a bit flamboyant but...he might not be (never judge a book I guess).

I've been more concerned with my appearance: eating healthier and dressing nicer. Things I've always wanted to express but were hard to. My brothers have noticed changes in my wardrobe but naturally I'm still the same guy. I hope they grow to accept me (I was their President for a year for Christ sake).

If anything I've noticed by posting things here, it has made it easier to come out to my friends. The first step was hard but it's getting easier.
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1 Response Dec 10, 2012

The truest friends will always accept you. If you ever want/need to talk, message me sometime :) Straight Ally, I have a couple gay friends plus my mother is a lesbian :) I don't know why people dislike your type a lot. You're the sweetest, funnest, and most friendliest people ever :)

absolutely :)

Apologies for not replying sooner. It got rather crazy on this end for a bit there but everything's good now:)