20 Year Old Indian Lesbian Looking For A Gay Indian Guy Settled Abroad For An Moc.

I am 20 years old, i am not looking for someone to marry as of now.. i want to wait for at least three years. Just want to meet a gay guy in such a situation so that we can get to know each other well and maybe later get married. Anyone around my age, who too wants a MOC later in life can get in touch with me! i hope i find the man who's going to be my best friend for life soon. :)
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hey hi. Even I am in the same shoe as you are. Inly difference is I am a male. Inbox me if you are interested in taking matters further. I am pressurized for marriage at home.

Im a Indian Guy, 27years old born and raised in Brisbane, Australia, looking to marry a Indian Lesbian. Ideally, you would be a nice person and understand the same situation that I am having. I would like to make friends with the person and look to get married in 18 months.

aryanarora19a86@gmail.comWell placed straight acting n looking manly gay male searching lesbian girl for marriage of convenience, if interested Pl write

I am MBA working in US, Indian Punjabi , perfect looks, gentle, honest ,cool, fun loving, partially gay tendency, looking for a lesbian girl for MOC as well, lifelong companionship,. Looking forward to hear from interested.

Hello dear,
i am from India i am Bi and looking for a decent lesbian to marry with. i promise and assure best from my side in every thing. You can dominate me anytime. i will always obey you.
You can connect to my E-mail id- cd.housewife@gmail.com
I get online there everyday. Hope you hear you very soon there. Thank You.. :)

I would love to be ur friend

i want you to know that getting married to a gay guy is not always necessary. there are many women who decide not to get married and to deal with their parents and the marriage pressure. there are helplines ad self-help groups around the country. check out this blog entry about two women who live their life full of pride: www (dot) sanginiindia (dot) wordpress (dot) com/2013/01/25/thats-how-life-can-also-be