I Fell In Love With My Best Freind

Well back in school, i was 16, there was this dude, he was 2 years younger than me, first time i saw him, i was lovestruck, anyways i tried to talk to him, and we became freinds, the thing is nobody ever knew about me being gay, and i was pretty sure he's not, i cried for days, cuz we became best freinds after that, and i got to know him better, and i fell in love with him even more, he's like idk Gorgeous ? and i just dunno i loved him so much, and he plays soccer and worked out a bit so he had this amazing body, and i'm sure his **** wud satisfy my *** more than anythinh in the world. Tho i never told him, i chose just enjoy being with him as a freind, iwas too afraid of losing him. we stayed besties till when i came 20 then we grew apart due to lots of stuff, but i will never forget how much i love him ..
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If you guys grew apart then now is the time to tell him. Even if you don't feel the same way about him anymore. It's still nice to have closure. I thinking telling I'm will answer the unanswered questions you may have had.

i still have the virtual wall in my head

I feel if you guys don't see each other on a daily biases then you can tell him. I would. Just be like hey what's up long time no see. O btw I had the biggest crush on you. Does he know you are gay?

is it a deprived by lust,,, or real love? i'm not questioning you, i just want you to know that true love is not the eagerness of possession :)

And i know your not like that

i really loved him, with all my heart, it wasnt abt possession

I knw hw hard it is to lv smone so deeply n never able to tell him.god bless u

yeah :( it hurts so much