A Big Mistake...

I made a big mistake today!
Here is the full story;

I was walking home from school and one of my friends was walking in the other side of the road and he called me to him, So I crossed the road and started walking home with him. We eventually got onto the subject of secrets and he told me one of his and they shall remain secrets on here. So I reminded I told him I was gay after he asked if I was going out with my best friend. He acted shocked but in a silly friend way. Eventually he asked if I have a boyfriend, I said no and told him I was still in the closet and that not many boys know that I am gay. Then he said "do you want one". At that moment my heart skipped a beat and I said; "Well no... But yes, when i see people in relationships I kinda get lonely you know?" And he just nodded... After a few minutes of him moaning about his X-girlfriend I asked a favour... He said "yeah anything for a friend!" so after that I started stuttered and almost begged for him to keep it a secret and he agreed... Then the mistake happened... I asked him if I could kiss him... He was silent for a minute and said: "You know I uh... Don't go that way yeah?" i nodded then we spilt and went our separate ways....

I don't know what to do know and I'm panicking... But all i need to do is calm down right.... Right?
MrMan56 MrMan56
18-21, M
Jan 21, 2013