It's the first time that I talk about it 'out loud'. I only talk about this by message but well I need to do it some day I am! :D
I'm 17 and I know it since I had around 13/14 yo, I never say it to any of my friends or family because I'm Afraid of what can happen before that...
I start using EP some months ago and it already help me to know a lot of people, some gay, some hetero, and a lot that have the same 'problem' as me.
I'm a romantic guy, or at least I try :D, I think I'm nice, I like the regular things that teens like ahaha (failed try to describe Myself...damn!)
Well, I wanna leave a message to all of guys that are gay but are Still in the 'closet'...
Dont torture yourself thinking about the things the others can or not say and think about you and your life, be yourself, be true! ;)
And dont Get rush to tell the World about your sexually, Take the time as you would like, its your life so its also your choice, dont say it just because some friend tell u to do it or something like that, do what u think is better for you and your life!
Anyone you wanna talk about it or anything, send me message! ;)
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2 Responses Aug 21, 2014

My name is Lucio Biase and I am proud to be gay.

Nicely said ;)