I'm a lesbian. I'm too scared to come out because people will judge me. My parents won't accept me. Everyone will laugh at me. I figured out I was a lesbian about a year ago. All because of this one girl. God I love her so much. I know she'll never love me back because she's way out of my league but she's perfect. I love the way she smiles, talks, laughs, and talks about what she loves. I want to hold her when she cries, be the one she goes to. But I never will be that person because I'm ugly. I'm impulsive, rude, and disrespectful. I let my heart think instead of my head and it gets me in trouble. My family doesn't want me and I hate myself.
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I'm literally going through the exact same thing. Sorry this is a little late. But no I pretty much am in love with this one girl and then she moved to another country about a month ago. It tore me apart. So this past month (well the past 2 years but especially the past month) I've been super depressed. Ugh sorry rant but it felt good.

Can i be ur secret girll