It's Really Weird And Laughtening

On the side of the page of this group, some of the shown related groups had no sense. Like "I go to college", "I am a loving mother", "I am married", "I love all the James Bond" et cetera. This is madness! Oh, and by the way, anyone know who is James Bond???
Selvaria Selvaria
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You won't received it until I judge what the hell I wanna do

Do I avoid the butt punt because MugiwaraBlair kind of, you know, explained the whole thing. Notice how punt and pun are similar.

I love that pun Selvaria :P Also, foxy obviously didn`t make that video, it`s a scene from Team America, the people who made south park made it.

What?! No! I didn't mean he **** puppets. I was just making a pun because his name has puppets in it and the video is made with puppets. Btw, you didn't told me if you're the one who did that video. Meanie. Explain. Now. Or Mr.Foot meet Mr.Butt.

Are you saying he's agalmatophile? I really doubt that.

WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING?! IT'S SO FUNNY! but ******* weird at the same time<br />
are you the one who did that? i thought there were only the dyslexic who were good around puppets

Selvaria, watch this and tell me what you think.<br />

Why would I do that? And what with?

The piggy bank guy. You know, the ''so ******* irritating'' one.

Who are you talking about Mr.Fox?

Kill him!!!

Selvaria is back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So more like an annoying living piggy bank than a boyfriend. Welcome back miss loony !!

I'm back everybody! I had a new boyfriend that were very ******* irritating (one ******* month of time I couldn't log in EP!) At least he was generous and he had a picture taking device! He also had a Wii but didn't wanted me to use it because I hadn't time to use it before he was so ******* irritating. And I was never kissing him, never! If I did, I wouldn't be a manipulating person. But I felt a bit sorry, so I gave him a few respiratory-failure hugs.

LOL<br />
But there isn't a lot of people that are inferior to cookies.<br />
And it's been a month of absence for Selvaria. I don't think she's just creating bonds with cookies.<br />
Well, maybe, it's Selvaria after all.

My bet is she`s taliking to her cookies, creating bonds of trust and friendship and then eat `em all to death. If you count cookies as people ( like a real cuckoolander should ) that makes her way more evil than wulf. It also means she`s cunning enough to manipulate them into a false sense of security. There, I just scientifically prooved that Selvaria is evil and SMART !

I wonder what is Selvaria doing.


Yeah! Whatever does it mean though...

Don't say that, maybe she just has unconventional areas of expertise.

May he be a fool or not, the fox has a certain appreciation in my work.<br />
Selvaria hasn't shown much brightness yet.

I'm not dumb! I'm just slighly overcreative!

I may look like a fool to you but I'm not that stupid. I'm smarter than normal people anyway. I know it doesn't mean much, but it's still better than being one of these normals.

From my observations, only foxy is a fool, Selvaria is a tad uncultured, shadowulf is a psycho, Inoue is..odd and I'm an eccentric genius.

You'll gothify Selvaria. It's nothing terrible or threatening to you though.

I'm no fool is contradictory to some people here

If you say I'm an idiot, I slap you.

Lol. I am cloud cuckoo lander. Related groups: I'm no fool, I need to control my tongue, I love Megadeth.<br />
What the hell?

In that case cool.

You won, I didn't lost

How much cost a Big Book of Science? I wanna pwn Mr.Fox

LazyFox lost ! MugiwaraBlair read a Big Book of Science !

How the hell wouldn`t they ? 2 lbs of pretty much anything doesn`t fit in a cookie.

Most people would'nt even notice.

Wanna play smartass huh ?<br />
<br />
1: It's strychnine nitrate. <br />
2: Anybody would notice 2 lbs of anything in a cookie.<br />
3: Unless you mixed it in the dought ( which I dought if you planned on eating them ) you couldn't have put it in them.<br />
4: It tastes really bad so I'd spit out my 1st bite.<br />
5: I can see 3 places you might have taken that. Science class, a movie or a book ( sci-fi, espionage, murder or science ). Since your knowledge of it seems limited to it's name and it's toxicity, that pretty much kicks out class and book. If it's a movie I'd bet on Jaws, cause it's the most popular.<br />
6: I don't like 5 much so I put a 6.

Don't worry I ensured I put two pounds of nitrate strytnine in each of it.

Yay!! *steals lazyfox's cookies*

Yes you can, be sure to steal LazyFox's cookies before getting in

Now that I have your attention, would you mind telling me if I can be in the cloudcuckooland party too ? No worries too, I had no dirty thoughts..kinda

What? Nobody touch my boobs but Lawliet! (and me of course)

*gropes your boob*

*handpalm to Mr.Fox's face*

Can I be in the cloudcuckooland party too ?

If you say I'm an idiot I get you a handpalm and tell it to LoN so he'll be happy

LOL<br />
There's a publicity saying 'What's your brain power?'

Why is Big Boss called Naked Snake? What's Metal Gear Solid?

Some noob spy supposed to be good. There are 23 movies I think. When you'll get more money you should buy a PlayStation 2 (or 3) and Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater. In one conversation, Naked Snake/Big Boss will laugh of him.

I want a real answer! Who is James Bond?!


yes,James and I go waaay back.<br />
<br />
shaken,not stirred.