a em runlk ji tink vbut a feewl; reallllt weid
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:P wned again

:P indeed

Ha! PWND again ! :P

Exactly foxboy

That doesn`t make him any less bad, that`s like saying a an idiot isn`t stupid because he`s mentally retarded.

He's not bad, he's just dyslexic

That guy should read some dictionaries.

I'm totally better than him.

LOL<br />
@Mugi: I was talking about MasterofPuppets.

What the hell?! I never make that story.

No need, you're just a dummy. She said "Oh my god, I am drunk I think but I feel, really weird". Or maybe that amazing genius decypherer you mentioned was me !

It is heavily implied that your spelling is worst than MasterofPuppets's. I think I understand the title. Maybe the expert of bad spelling can decypher all this.