I Was A Diet Coke Addict

For over 20 years i was addict to diet coke ....see i worked all hours of the day and night ...lived on three hours sleep ...so diet coke was my breakfast ,lunch and dinner ...i always had one in my hand ..whenever and whereever i could ...what changed for me was the fact that on vacation ...where we were at didn't carry diet coke ...so for a week i lived without it ...i slept better and after the first 24 hours the headache went away ....all that time i thought i was ok ...but i really wasn't ....today i'm happy to say ...i'm a tea drinker ..and now i love water ...i drink water more than anything else ....the other day we were out and about and so i got a small diet coke ..funny thing i didn't even finish it ....it just didn't taste good ...but later when we stopped again ..i got a large water bottle
and that bottle was empty in seconds ....
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2 Responses Dec 27, 2011

I love coca cola in cans mmm im drinking 1 right now .. The bubbles feel good going up my nose when i pour it over ice & drink it a lil burn in my throat .. Lol im weird for saying it but i love it too ... COCA COLA #1 soft drink for mee .. Yummy!!..

Diet pepsi over here too.... I cut back on the amount I drink... but I just can't give it up completely