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A Classic Drink

Here's a classic story about a classic drink, and here we go....

I Am a Coca-Cola addict, im hooked on the stuff. if I don't have it, I get really angry  because I don't have my daily fix, or in other words sip.

Coca-Cola is America's Classic Drink, hold on for one minute here, let me rephrase that....

Coca-Cola is the World's Classic Drink! is, and don't ever forget those wise words from this wise man.

And that's my amazing story  
JimMorrisonRocks JimMorrisonRocks 26-30, M 2 Responses Aug 29, 2012

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Never tried it with Pepsi - but sure it will work - let me know!

I'll try it out.

When I was younger my Dad used to make us a "Brown Cow" - which was Coca-Cola mixed with - half milk and half Coca-Cola. It was delicious.

I'm gonna try that... does it work as well with pepsi? :)