How I Met My Wife

i was on myspace and saw this beautiful woman she looked sweet and i began to chat with her,after a few days i thought this is the one for me,but we lost contact for a couple of months and  then one day i get an im from a cutie and yup it was we chatted for a few more months and in feburary i invited her over to meet in person she stayed in my spare room and we had a blast,it was valentines day when we decided to have a relationship..WE WERE MARRIED IN JUNE THE 24TH AND HAVE JUST CELEBRATED OUR 1ST WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!!!! thast right we made it , so even though our families were against us we made it and we still love each other,in fact i think she is the most beautiuful woman i have heart belongs to her!! she calls me her personal stalker she is so cute.SO WHO SAYS YOU CAN'T FIND LOVE ON THE INTERNET!!!I DID!!!

wolfmaster111 wolfmaster111
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1 Response Jul 22, 2009

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