Maybe Its Because Im a Londoner

ok i wasnt born under the sound of the bow bells so technically im not a real cockney but i talk the lingo!

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uggggh boiled cod with that green slim stuff?, i think they do that up the old kent road

years years ago in ya pie an mash shop you use to get boiled cod to its the nuts proper love boiled cod . a good pie and mash is dowm roman road market sorry to say no boiled cod.

uuuugh lol no i wasnt a good experience and then i tried pie and amsh...oh my gosh whats all the hype about it was like eating a brain in

So you eat jellyied eels then :) lol

lol...not with me it wont. xx

cockney, talk will never die

oi im far from brown bread i'll have you know me old cocker

stone me knock it on the head the cockney is all most brown bread now days

ha, ha . ha, thought you could get one on me, now for the month, but tell me in private, dont want every one to see both our birth year and month

ahh then that makes you older than me so it has its bonuses...if thats how its spelt

ha , ha , beat yer mines 1962

lol im a cockney you can lingo all day and i will understand..;)what year is more the point mines 1965

well i wouldent have adam& eve it ( which means "i wouldent believe it"), if you dont me asking what month, this sounds funny, you and me born in the same hospital

ahhh would you believe we were born in the same hospital!!!!!

thanks on putting me right, my geography is not good, what i ment is i was born i kings colleage hospital, but lived in camblewell for a bit , then lived in peckham, (southampton way)

camberwell is not east dulwich! camberwell is se5 east dulwich is i know se london REALLY well

me i was born in east dulwich camblewell, dident pick up the lingo but understand some words and say some

hi yes i was london born, and like you not under bell bows, i was actualy born in camblewell. east dulwich, but i dont speak the lingo understand some of it and say some words,.

lol are you in devon or somerset?

Hehe .. no, we moved. <br />
It was more like cream and cider!

Hehe .. no, we moved. <br />
It was more like cream and cider!

blind o'reilly i bet you grew up on pie and mash..:)

Cor blimey, me gran was born within the sound of the Bow Bells

haha im a real cockney i'll ave ya know

I knew it! a closet cockney!!!!!

lol that was pretty good actually me old flower

chuckle....i speak cockney me ole mucker...ahaa, ok i will stop but its hard its like second nature

huh lol dustbin lid...kid

just tucking into my cup of rosie, while coming down the apples and pears, my keys are in my sky rocket and im chipper, now i gotta go feed the dustbin...<br />
baked potatoe