Now this is a great issue. Not only is it the most retarded concept on the face of the planet (second to all the other -ism's) its also so remarkably pervasive. Its like the ugly duckling story. Which actually gives me hope because we all know how that story ended. I created this group because i think this is a common experience for so many black girls and boys, men and women. I dont know if its talked about, i dont know if anybody even thinks its interesting. But i do. Because its my personal experience. Continues to be my experience. And so i can consider myself qualified to say that i know a lot about how it feels to be labelled in this offensive way. The fact that "black" needs a behaviour is offensive. The fact that "white" needs a behaviour is offensive. The fact that a colourful human soul can be reduced so easily to pure black and white is offensive. And its dangerous. My experience in a nutshell is this...people all my life expected me to act the way i looked on the outside. Black. Female. Ugly. Pretty. Fat. Thin. And then they found a name for it. Coconut. Gay. Ugly. Pretty. Fat. Thin. So i learnt that humans need concepts. We need labels. We constantly need to define things... But cant something just exist in its own natural form without any expectation or commitment to what it should be?
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Kiss the Rainbow.

I sometimes wonder if it's too much to ask to live in a world without labels. I think it often makes people feel as though if they can define somebody, it gives them power over that person. It's not right that people label us without first getting to know and understand us, but sometimes we even label ourselves in the hope that we can understand ourselves better. I hope that makes sense....

well said, mimi. I agree with anseso.

anseso, thank you for ur post. ur kind and sensible words also shook me in a positive way. made me feel the power of human relatedness. most of us actually are more human than i thought... :)

Hello, mimi.<br />
May a non coloured man tell you that you have a wonderful way to express yourself and have a great conception of what is right about human relationship?. Your post shook me in a positive way. Think you´re a great person. Music forever and ever. Weapons and violence are not welcome by music lovers.It is not intelligent to classify people for the colour of their skin. What if you´ve been born yellow, or white, or black or......whatever. We cannot choose our colour an even if we could.......what does it care?. Please let´s stop talking about races or colours, we are all human and we must not classify people or else we´ll have no right to call ourselves human.<br />
I salute you.