Becoming A Collared Female Pet

Our sex life with my husband had become tedious. This had an immediate effect on our everyday life. Hubby and I didn't speak much. It isn't that we didn't love each other, or didn't want to be with each other. On the contrary, we wanted to be with each other at all times. Not sexually though. I was too old fashioned and hubby was tired of this. He didn't want to have sex with me. One day, a Stranger to this day, send me an email asking me to play a mind game with both my husband and myself. I hated the fact that someone was looking at me, admiring me but was feeling sorry for me, since according to the Stranger, lack of sex and communication showed on my face. I wasn't happy at all. Hubby loved this idea of someone, a stranger, was interested in me from afar. Hubby wanted us to play this game. I was cautious but agreed. The Stranger was going to train me as a female pet via email. So, the game started, and both hubby and I had weekly tasks and challenges to complete, ranging from the way I walk, to doing something that would make me feel slutty, to pleasing my husband the right way, to dressing sexy in public, something I had forgotten how to do. I had to call my husband Master and follow rules he imposed on me. Then it happened. In the beginning of November he sent me a gift. A gift I didn't really want. A dog collar.

I couldn't believe it. Now, I can't say that I am a huge feminist but there had to be a fine line somewhere. How could I do this? The fact that collaring means that I was "owned" by someone, like property, was offensive. How could I let myself go from a woman to a property or owned pet? A dog!!! I never expected a woman to think of herself in today's society that way. It is appalling!!! I am not to be thought of as a feeling human being but as either property or an animal. Even animals have feelings though. What was I to do? The previous weeks were honeymoon for Master and myself. I was torn. It was either I do this or suffer a lonely marriage, something I don't want to go through. I decided that wearing the collar was my best choice for a happy marriage. No matter how repulsive this idea is. I love my husband and cannot imagine my life without him. I cannot, do not want to lose him. I knew that if I didn't wear the collar to be trained, the game would be over. Sooner or later, my marriage would be over as well, a dire choice.

The Stranger had instructions for collaring me. An initiation if you will. He couldn't do it himself since if he did, he would be exposing his identity. Master had to take me to our bedroom and undress me. Master, ever so gently undressed me, and kissed me all over. It was as if he was saying goodbye to me. At least that is the way I felt. Once collared, I would belong to Stranger until I was ready to be "handed over" to Master as a pet. As property is handed over to its owner. I just stood there, in awe, as my Master placed the collar around my neck. I was done as a woman. Master then put the leash on me. That was it. It sank in that this was the end for me as a human being, with opinions, ideas. I was a submissive woman. A woman of the 1800's. A woman to be seen but not heard. Master grabbed the end of the leash and slightly pulled on it to follow him. I felt like the donkey I had seen in a village a long time ago. Master dragged me to the bathroom for more instruction obedience.

It's been almost a month since I received it, I have worn the collar on each private moment with Master, which is almost every night, as the Stranger has instructed. I have also worn it once alone, once again, under the demand of Stranger. I have no choice but to wear this. Master gets turned on once I wear it. He thinks I look hot!!! I love it when I turn him on. I do like the feeling of doing this to him, but I still feel as if a piece of property. I am still getting used to the idea of having no voice, and being very obedient. I have a long way to go, but I will get the hang of it. I love the effect the whole idea has on him. Time will tell if I will ever get used to the idea of being an object to be passed from one man to another, even if it is metaphorically.
petsophia petsophia
36-40, F
Dec 4, 2012