I'm a sophomore majoring in Business. It seems like the sophomore year is the worst-the work is never ending, the time always fly by. The only thing you have to look forward to is Junior yr, and seeing the current Jr's advance to their Sr. year

*Just thought that i should mention*

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LOL we're in the SAME SINKING *** boat! lol, and if it wasn't for a prayer i would have been drowning this semester!

Yea, my college life isn't going so well either, academically speaking. I just focus, determination...and prayer. lol. I guess I still haven't learned procrastination isn't my friend.

i truely needed that..'pple are ahead of you and behind you"..beautifully stated.

Keep looking forward. You're can be sure there are always people ahead of you and behind you. Stay focused on you. You're doing great!