I Don't Like Dating Guys Where There Is A Potential Future

I have been married before and I have dated a lot. Before I was married, I was always in a relationship (90 days tops before I'd start nitpicking the quirks I found endearing and just making the guy miserable). I'd go back and forth on my feelings to the point where I was unable to salvage a friendship at the end - guys end up bitter towards me. Since my divorce, I have tried to be open with the guys I date, letting them know I am not looking for anything serious, but for some reason, it seems that they see this as a challenge and try to move things faster which makes me withdraw. However, as soon as they show signs of not being interested in my lack of interest in a committed relationship, I am more interested in them. Ofcourse, this makes guys feel like I am manipulative, etc. when really I am just confused. I feel like I don't make any sense! I know I want to spend some time being single, but I also like the company of a man on occasion. I just don't want someone around who is too nice to me or too interested since I do not want to be in a serious relationship. Weird, huh?
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1 Response Dec 2, 2012

Same :-) very confusing for us and guys we meet !