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It is a job that takes me away from home and away from family and friends anywhere from 320-330 days a year. It is lonely it is difficult and it is dangerous. I have to deal with weather conditions, angry warehouse personnel, and incompetent drivers on a daily basis while keeping control of my emotions and a 72' long 13.5" high 8.5" wide 80,000 pound vehicle. I have to navigate roads congested with thousands of other people who all think they are in a bigger hurry than the guy in the vehicle next to them and i have to do this all as safely as possible.

If i make a mistake and someone gets hurt or killed i get sued and probably imprisoned for manslaughter, if someone else makes a mistake and gets killed by me i get sued and possibly imprisoned. I have appointments i have to keep and if i am late i am told i have to wait till the next day or even longer to get unloaded, if i show up too early i get sent away and told to come back at my appointment time. I get paid by the mile and only by the mile. This means that if the truck is not moving i am not making any money, none, zero, zip, zilch, nada!

I will still stop and help someone if i can even though that person may have just been cussing me out because i was going to slow for their taste. If i don't have time to stop i will always at least call the police to report a stranded motorist.

I work hard to help keep the nations economy moving ahead in good times and in bad times. A lot of people hate trucks and don't want them on the roads because we are so big, we intimidate other motorists. Most of us do not do this on purpose, some unfortunately will. Keep in mind though my friends that without trucks America's economy would come to a grinding halt very quickly. Within a week grocery store shelves would be bare and within a day gas stations would have no gas. Within a couple of weeks almost all manufacturing would cease in America and millions would be laid off.

So next time you see a truck coming down an on ramp to enter the interstate give him a little room, he can't accelerate as quickly as you and he can't stop as quickly as you, its easy for him to lose you in one of the many large blind spots that surround our trucks, please do not tailgate him as this makes us nervous for fear that if we have to hit our brakes suddenly you will not have time to stop. If you choose to pass a truck that is fine but once you get beside the truck accelerate a bit and finish passing as soon as possible as it makes us nervous to have you pacing us as well. Keep in mind that because we can't stop as quickly we have to maintain a safety cushion that gives us a viable escape route in case something happens ahead of us.

Please be safe on the highways and be courteous on the highways if everyone would do this there would be a lot less accidents and millions of lives and billions of dollars could be saved every year. 

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Truckers Rock!!
I too have the similar business in India where I help people to relocate. Its really hard for our truck drivers sometimes to manage the errant riders who just speedup to overtake and find it a fun.

because as a professional truckdriver i am expected to be able to compensate for others mistakes. if a lawyer can prove i did even the slightest thing wrong and somebody died or was badly injured it becomes manslaughter. one of our drivers just less than a year ago in pennsylvania had to pull over on the shoulder of the highway. when he pulled back onto to the interstate witnesses said he had his bl<x>inker on he waited for a good clearing he merged safely onto the interstate and because he was still going below the minimum speed limit he turned on his hazard lights (it takes a few minutes to get 80,000 pounds up to 65 mph) a bus rear ended the truck killing the driver of the bus. evidence at the scene showed the driver of the bus never hit his brakes officials estimated that our truck was doing approximately 40 mph and the bus was doing in excess of 70 mph (speed limit is 65) at the time of impact. the driver of the truck when asked why he stopped said he had to go to the bathroom and was only there for about 15 minutes. the police checked his logbook and it showed he had not logged stopping for that 15 minutes. he is now in prison for manslaughter he will be serving 7-10 years.

thanks RHR

a shower yeah that would be nice right about now LOL i didn't bother with one for the few days before i delivered this load and was thinking i would get one over the weekend when i got to one of our designated fuel stops where i could get one for free.....the truckstops here will charge me $10 i can't afford that right now :-( i must smell awful right now LOL

chris-LOL<br />
hippy-my guess is i will get a load assigned to me but it probably won't pick up till tomorrow. I would never make it if i tried to head home. If i tried to stop for fuel the company would disallow the fuel and fire me and i live in michigan which has an 11.6% unemployment rate right now....not a good time to be job hunting LOL i used to have a cooler that plugged into a cigarette lighter but the last 3 i had the cords started melting so i decided not to take any more chances and my company won't allow me to install a power inverter powerful enough to run a refrigerator

Truckers ROCK!

My brother has this same job.<br />
<br />
I am a electron relocation engineer...

well it has truck parking its open 24 hours a day so i have access to food (if you want to call it that) and a bathroom. actually there are 2 truckstops within sight but quite honestly i don't generally get along real well with other truckdrivers LOL<br />
<br />
yeah i'm waiting to get a load assigned to me. when i first got here friday i had more than 14 drivers ahead of me now i have 3 ahead of me.

i only get paid if i'm stuck more than 24 hours and then only $50 a day and weekends and holidays don't count LOL <br />
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with the economy the way it is right now the sitting and waiting is becoming much more common place as well. i have been sitting here in lovely Kingdom City,MO since friday morning parked at a mcdonalds.