From Each According To Their Ability, To Each According To Their Need

I am a Communist. That statement would have gotten me branded a traitor and likely arrested a few decades ago. Even today, I get strange looks when I tell people I'm a Communist. When I explain my reasons for being Communist, and what the real ideals of Communism are, I have people if not quite agreeing with me, at least understanding why I'm Communist. I've made comparisons between Communism and Buddhism, and I find that people are much more favorable to me and Communism in general when I make those comparisons. I became Communist because I find it much fairer than Capitalism, and more intune with my fundamental beliefs about the way society should be. Quality is more important to me than quantity, and I have a profound dislike of extremely wealthy people wasting their money on things they don't need.
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5 Responses Oct 16, 2011

None of us (communist) are traitors. No matter what country are you from - you ARE not a TRAITOR. We are rare kind of people at the moment, but our numbers will surely increase soon - I suppose. Honor, comrade.

Yes, defend your beliefs. But, Communist China? China is a fascist State, not communist. Today’s China is Mao Zedong worst nightmare becoming a reality! Anyway, I think, and this is just an opinion from a moderated and highly revisionist socialist, that to defend the State control of the economy is to defend a totalitarian regime. Socialism must have a free production, controlled by the workers, not by the State. A State bureaucrat will never have the capacity to predict the market necessities. Only the people, acting like consumers, can determinate the necessities of the market, creating an economic equilibrium between the production and the general consume. This is the most democratic way: Socialism and free market. Even in a socialist society the differences between people would be inevitable, as some would work more and better, deserving to earn more. People will be able to choose between have more time and less things, or work more and be a little richer, but everyone would have the freedom to work without exploitation, free of the capitalists, and free from the technocrat left wing fascists like the Bolsheviks. In every case, from Cuba to China to Russia, when they tried to abolish individual profit and meritocracy the economy almost collapse. Socialism must be pragmatic, not dogmatic. I think communist is possible, in the future, but now we need the State, we need government and we need law. Workers of the world, unite!

Communism looks good on paper. We all share, we're all happy, perfect. But communism has always led to reduced rights and increased government control. Name one country will a full-on communist economy that is not struggling. Capitalism is by no means perfect, but at least it works. Go read 1984, then tell me communism is the answer.

You're basing this off of what? Russia, North Korea, North Vietnam, these countries were never really Communist. They were dictatorships, fascist states under the guise of Communism. Nothing more, nothing less. Communism is the way. True Communism can never work unless the people let it work. Big business executives and other rich people will always prevent Communism because of an inability to share wealth when in all actuality they don't deserve it. When you have a full understanding of what I'm saying send me a message or whatever and we'll talk more on the subject.

Given a choice between successful Capitalism or failed Socialism ~ I will chose Capitalism always and thank you for the compliment!!!

"From each according to their ability, to each according to their need" is total and complete B***S*** ~ a needs ba<x>sed economic/taxation system will only result in more NEED and a reduction in the standard of living for all ~ it happens every time ~ because once you find you do not need to work to survive you stop working!