How I Became A Communism Supporter

I'm currently 16 years old, and my first serious introductions to Communism date back to only some weeks. However, I should explain this more carefully: About 3 years ago, I started thinking why some few people can have anything they want, whilst others can barely afford to eat, both in my country (Portugal) and globally. I began realizing it was the fault of how things were regulated in the economy: letting some having hundreds of times more money than others, being selfish and increasingly sucking more money from the poor, which is aggravated by the selfishness of both the rich and poor people in my country, who both evade taxes constantly. I gradually started to develop the idea that the State should control most of the economy, people should only make enough money and use enough resources to have a reasonable quality of life, with no luxuries and consumerism and that the world should become only one country (I started having this ideas without making even a little of research about communism, all I heard was that it was a fascist regime that had state-owned companies). However, I started to know a few more things about Capitalism, and disliked the current system even more when I studied (at school) the 1929 economic crisis: how could there be so much food, nobody eating it and millions starving? Of course then the brainwashing came again when, in the same year, we learned that the communists killed millions, that the capitalist countries are more developed, have free-market economy, all this with a teacher that happened to be a right-wing conservative. Finally, during the past year, I have been increasingly more into sustainability and the environment and, without researching anything about communism, started to develop an ideology that consisted of a moneyless regime, where everyone should be treated as equals and nobody would have more economic/social capabilities than anyone else. My interest in this ideology increased with me thinking more and more about the crisis in my country, how it originated and how it could be solved. The anti-German-government sentiment built up gradually. During the Olympic Games at London, I heard of the story of a Chinese swimmer called Ye Shiwen whom the Americans accused of doping because she was only 16 years old and she beat records and won gold medals. This was the beginning of my anti-American-government/system sentiment, because I further investigated about the swimmer and found out she was already big in Asia, while Ledecky (USA) was only 15 years old (!) and also won gold medals to much more experienced swimmers and had not been famous until then (and no one said anything about doping). I started being increasingly more anti-American and researched about American imperialism, and eventually researched about Communism. I was actually disappointed because I thought I had come up with a new system no one had ever thought about: it turned out that Marx and quite some others had. Now I'm planning to read more things about Communism and it's variants, although from what I know from common knowledge, I think I will probably support Marxism-Leninism. Lately I have been watching some videos of American right-wing extremists at RWWBlog in YouTube, which made me even more fearful of capitalism. I have also been publicly (to my family) falsely expressing some disgust for both right-wing and left-wing Portuguese parties, and I actually say bad things about the Communist Party and about countries which are (supposedly) communist, like North Korea (I don't like the DPRK's regime). I only do this in order not to be suspicious about my communist views, so that there will be no conflicts and no "wars" in the future with my family, although I do express some leftist views, because I think my parents are also more left-wing than right-wing, so I can at least be a little bit honest. I also hide this communist side of mine in order not to compromise my plan of completely and officially taking over my territories (which have been mine for years, but not "officially") and having had complete control recognized by my parents by the end of this year.
miraedocommunistPortugal miraedocommunistPortugal
18-21, M
Sep 18, 2012