I Am A Communist

I am a communist.
The feeling of communism brings a smile to my face, in school people like to come to me and ask about the era of communism since I know it so well… but little do they know I am supporter of Communism… the word that makes Americans cringe and hiss… Even though I am an American I despise my homeland- wait, scratch that… I despise the cage I am forced to call “my home”, the cage I have to sing my pledge and allegiance too every. Single. Morning… it makes me sick when I hear my grandparents and my teachers about how great America is and how other countries are terrible and the worst place to live… and why do they say this? Because all of their minds are filled with American propaganda… capitalism runs through their veins… hell, they even breath the American lies and their capitalist ideals!!! And because of that I cannot go to my own mother and tell her this… so that is why I am here… I live on for that scarlet banner, I breath the word of Marx, I live on for the soviet leaders who’s spread communism in the past… I know there are others like me so I am not alone at what I preach… in school when they say we are the future, I know everyone thinks about football, mates, families, jobs, etc. but what I think about is communism… and how I WILL bring communism back to glory. And make Stalin, Marx, Lenin, and Che proud and cry tears of joy… and when I sing that dirty anthem for my cage I think, “how more corrupt can this country be?”. And that is why now I keep a diary about communism… but for now I have it in a secret language only myself and another friend of mine who also is a believer of communism… so this is my story… a young girl who loves communism and keep a soviet diary…

((note: I apologize if any on my words offends… my English is not well so please don’t hate on me :) ))
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It's great too see someone who thinks the same way I do. =D. Great post comrade!

thank you comrade! ^ ^

Communists were the biggest mass murderers in the history of the world.

ok? so, because of my choice it makes me a killer?... my good sir, because of my choice it dosent mean that i will kill people like the communist did in the past... and next time if you have nothing decent to say please do not post it...
thank you and good day.

I didn't say it makes you a killer. But Marx and Engels did advocate mass murder, so I don't know why anybody would want to be associated with such an ideology.

Advocacy of mass murder is in the writings of Marx, Engels, and Lenin. It's what Marx had in mind when he spoke of "revolutionary terrorism.". And there was no system they were up against comparable in bloodshed to what they wrought.

yes, that is true but not all of the followers of the communist party support the mass murder... and communism is not EXSACTLY the same as it was durring Marx and Engels... so communism has changed either alot or very little, but all the same it has changed somehow. besides, people have diffrent states of mind, some agree with something and others do not... thats why some people choose communism.

Stalin alone killed many more people than Hitler and his fascist allies.

And your hyperbola on health insurance is absurd. What determines people's health and longevity is primarily their own lifestyle. Having health insurance doesn't save people from dying of cancer or from the chemotherapy that oncologists (modern day witch doctors) administer to them. People are NOT better off unemployed than having jobs without health insurance or jobs in what you call "sweatshops", which often compare favorably with locally-owned enterprises.

redstar66 & conceptualclarity! I does not matter who kills more! it depends on Who the person is! hitler was worse then stalin! hitler killed because he was racist! he tried to aim for something impossible! he was too stupid and pathedic! thats why he lost WW2 and commited suicide! he was a coward! stalin on the other hand besides his devilish good looks (sorry, love him lots) he wasnt a dictator! you would think he was bad because he "took" half of Europe? rubbish! it was practically given to the USSR when the UK and the US split up Europe! its like this: "what do you THINK Stalin would do!? he wanted his country to get bigger and stronger! and who wouldnt want that?! and lastly, who cares what we agree on? no one will always agree on everything! especially you conceptualclarity, if you have nothing nice to say please do not spam it on my story with my views, I can understand you cannot agree with me on my political views but there are hundreds of millions who dont agree either! so Im going to stop there becasue I need to fix my translator....

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