I Havent Joined Cpusa Yet...but Am Considering It.

I am changing. I have checked out the Communist idea and am intrigued. I live in the South in the USA and could be possibly killed for this I bet! But I am seriously thinking about joining the CPUSA. Are there any others here on EP that are members? What has been your experience as a Communist?
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2 Responses Dec 21, 2012

I am planning on reading into it. I think it's a perfect balance of Marxism, Leninism, socialism, and environmentalism that we could actually potentially get the new generations into. Without realizing it, a lot of college-aged children follow the philosophies outlined on the CPUSA page. I for now am registered as a Democrat, but that is because I live in a state with closed primaries and want to vote for Bernie. After election season, I am going to join the CPUSA officially.

I'm not a member of the Communist Party USA but if you read it's constitution and many of its other documents it focuses on environmentalism more than the concerns of the proletariat. That's why I'm thinking of joining the Progressive Labor Party; it looks way better.