Don't You Think The Big Corporations Like Walmart Are Driving People Towards Socialism/communism As An Alternative?

I once worked for Walmart. I know from experience what their "associates" put up with. And I am sure that you have heard all the reports. And not just Wallyworld either! More than one of the restaurant chains/fast food outfits has made it plain that they are taking steps to try to "compensate" for the President's actions to force them to offer their employees decent healthcare options etc. Recently Walmart employees all over "stood up" and walked out on Black Friday in protest of the company's unfair practices,etc! And what about "Occupy Wallstreet"? People are tired of the same old bullshit about how this system we have is supposed to operate! They want change! They want fairness! They are tired of seeing all the wealth in the hands of a few while they cannot keep their homes or afford to get medicines they or their kids need! While the world worries about Kim Kardashian's ***....people are unemployed...hungry...sick. Will they consider the ideas of socialism? I bet they would. Can you really blame them? I can't.
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4 Responses Dec 28, 2012

Personally I think your a blooming idiot. Communism, like socialism is great in theory. Everyone pays the same, receives the same, etc. The problem is human nature. When someone gets taken advantage of so many times they will not put themselves in that position any longer. So in regards to Walmart, capitalism is what allows Walmart to be what they are today. On the same token Capitalism is what can change Walmart. So if the Walmart employees are treated so bad, quit. This is a free country. The think that makes Walmart so hard to beat is they offer cheap prices for what people use everyday. They may not treat their employees as you see fit but it must be ok for some because they are still employed.
If you allow the government to control everything you have to rely on the government to do it. Look at the government now. They can't even pass a budget in the past 3 years. And yet you want a group of politicians in Washington to control what each business do? That seem like your just asking for trouble.

Honestly, there are pros and cons with each approach. Socialism/communism is good for a few things, but bad in so many others. Fascism, has no place there. That's like trying to say Russia and Germany were ruled under the same iron fist, and we all know that is not even remotely close to correct.

But to name a few examples of pros and cons to socialism/communism...

Yes, there is a potential for economy growth, but at the same time, you can claim your neighbors property as your own.

I'd go on about this, but I can't because I have much more to do in my busy day.

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