I have read some of the things you all have posted and its interesting. I'm from America and I agree that they fill our heads with lies. The people here... Ignorant.


For example, While discussing the Holocaust in high school a few years ago everyone referred to Hitler as an "Idiot crack head" All i said was "What he did was wrong, but you gotta admit you have to be smart to be able to accomplish what he did for Germany" and i was labeled as  racist and my classmates would not let up unless I believed what they believed so I swallowed my pride and said he was an idiot along with them and it sickened me to do this. To add to it, they kept trying to tell me that Hitler was German when we all know he was Austrian.


Basically, i want to learn more about the Communist, from what i have read from the posts here i might have found some people in this world who i can agree with for once. Where could i start finding out more? Any books you guys could recommend so that i may be in lightened? All i have heard here is that its evil, but then again i have also heard here that Hitler was an idiot when judging by how far he got shows that he was not.

Krie Krie
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wow, this is old but Thank you. i will be sure to look into it

Or you could try this ; " A Consise History of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union." It's kind of an old book and It's like 300 to 400 pages long but it will help you...

If you are interested read Das Kapital by Karl Marx. You could try the communist manifesto as well.

I know Hitler is not a communist and i never said he was. I was useing Hitler to show how ignorent the people i have to put up with everyday realy are.

Hitler was not a communist. What he represented was called Nationalist Socialism, but fundamentally broken down, it was fascism, a slightly different ideology. A very eveil man, with a very evil ideology. Having said this, Communism, as apparently represented by the likes of Stalin and subsequent dictators of eastern europe and beyond, was just as very, very bad!

o ok wolf i see, i wana see this character you made lol, and dedre you are right, some would say he was an evil genius but hey genius is genius.

Let's face it, in terms of achievement of potential, Hitler was practically a genius. Though most would say evil genius, it still holds true.

Well im not saying they were fans of Hitler or that im one. Im just saying that they said he was an idiot and i basicly thought diffrently about what they were saying and i was judged because of it. sorry but i couldnt realy understand what you are trying to post sorry. Also, do you know were i can learn more about all of this? thanks