Swimming Built Courage

When I joined my high school swim team, I was a real no-body. Coming into high school, I knew absolutely no one, and I was never a social type of person. After about a week, an announcement was made that said the Swim team was needing people. My teacher called me in and told me I should come to a practice to see if I liked the team.

So, as scared as I was, I went to the practice. That same teacher was the coach! She told me that this would help me. (At the time I didn't understand, but more on that later.)

So practice started. She called roll, and we did our beginning set. We did a lap of freestyle, a lap of backstroke, and a lap of breast stroke.

Now, I took a lot of swim lessons as a kid, and they've always stuck with me since I went to the gym pool with my mom and swam laps.

After our sets, we had to do freestyle suicides. First a 25 freestyle. Then a 50 freestyle. Then 100 free style. After that, practice was over.

However, my coach/teacher called me over. I saw a couple guys and girls glance at me, and walk out of the pool deck shortly after. After they all left, and we were alone, she told me, "You did good, [name]. I called you over because your the "one." Your the kid who came from the school that no one ever heard of, your the kid who has potential but didn't know it. Your the kid that is going to be popular within a year. All because you did this. You tried out for swim, and I'd like you to join the team."

For a moment, I was silent. I couldn't believe that within a week I was going to have people I could talk with. I smiled, and thanked her, and went on my merry way.

To sum it up, from knowing no one at my school to having a big group of swimmers, that is a huge feat that happened in my life. I didn't think that I could do that. Now that I know I can, I can try at anything now.

It probably didn't do this for you, but swimming changed me and my High School Life
Nalnos Nalnos
18-21, M
May 6, 2012