I Myself Spoiled My Love

I loved a girl from November 2002, i Proposed to her at the same month. but she refused my love but i cant forget her so i was always insisting her to love me. atlast after 4 years at the date of 7.8.2006, she accepted my love.
so till march 2010 we were so happy with some small small fights between us. on 25th april 2010 i saw a video in her mobile that she was in her colleague (GUY) house after seeing the video i got wild that she went to her colleague house without informing me so i bet her very harshly then she explained me that her colleague was about to commit suicide becuse of his lover so she went  to save him.
so i agreed with her for that time but i could not forget this problem so i use to scold her n fight with her often....
Now she is feeling a lot that iam always suspecting her so she don want to continue the relationship with me. now iam feeling a lot. i miss her very much.
karthickscoob karthickscoob
1 Response Jul 19, 2010

Its ur fault for being such a suspicious psychopath! How can u raise ur hands on a woman? If u r that suspicious, let her go and atleast she will be happy that way.