19 And Already Tired Of Looking

Being in a relationship just seems like so much work. I've never had a boyfriend that lasted longer than a month, and after we break up it is so easy for me to forget about them and move on with my life. Ive been single 16 months and its not my fault. I was ready to get back into the "dating game" the day after me and my ex-douchebag split. Theres just NO good people to pick from.

Being in college, I thought it would be so easy to meet guys, but college classes dont work the way high school did. There's no discreet way to start talking to someone the way there is when you have assigned seats. I sit in a huge lecture hall of 500 and over half of them are men and theres never been a chance for me to find an excuse to talk to someone.

Im not really afraid of rejection, I think Im more afraid of getting my hopes up over an over. I wish I got attetion the way my skinny friends do , the ones who always have guys flocking after them. And I know Im not unattractive. It makes me so mad when I spend hours upon hours getting ready to go out or look pretty for class, just for guys to look past me.

I guess Im tired of looking because I feel underappreciated. I want someone to look for ME.
porschemarie porschemarie
18-21, F
1 Response May 23, 2012

dont go behind love or guys ...let those come around u..now concentrate on studies..everything will follow u when u will be the good position...