My Failure In Love At College and There After

failure in love! i dont no the exact word for that , may be called heart broken. i had so many love failure in my life.i will tell some of them that make me  feel like i am real waste and useless. my first love realy happend when i was in college, i love this girl who is studing in another college near to my college, i was thinking about her all the time,but realy scared to tell that to her , she had  tution classes early in the morning ,so i wake up early and start follow her, my mind was full of her ,atlast i told her about my love, i can feel my heart beating at that moment.she  looked at me in anger and said no,and suddenly move away. i feel depressed suddenly, after that i tried to call her ,but she warn me that she will complain this to her parents,i understand that she dont like me any more.this was my first failure.My second failure was when i was friend give phone no of this girl ,who is studing m b a at that time, we talked each other daily,but we didnt see eachother, i loved her so much and ready to marry her,but thigs changed when she ask my photo. i send my photo trough email ,after seeing my photo she openly said that i am not that smart what she expect.gradualy she starts not picking my call,finaly she told me not to call her she got married and had a greatest failure comes trough a marriage proposel,my mother told me there is a girl near my place and u should go her to see one day with my mother i went her home to see her,we had some talks ,after that her relatives told us that the giril like me,so proposel is moving day i search her name in orkut and i find her, so invite her to chat ,she agreed and we start chating,what happend is that she told me that she didnt find any likeness in me,i aske her "why u told ure relatives that you like me",she told me that the relatives forced her to marry me . like that i had 3 love failures. after these incidents when i see girls my inner mind alwys told me that "hey remember man,girls do like u stay away from them" may be u people think that i am a negative mind person ,may be ure true.whatever i love that failures they are my friends. i always pray to god never make other person suffer like me. wish all my friends to have a sucess love

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hey dude, u sound like a really sweet guy :P...m a girl n i can say it widout any doubt dat u'll b gettin a really cute girl as a life partner coz good looks fade away wid age but not a soft heart like urs! :)<br />
all the best....n cheer up man :)

thank u dear

same here too

Please Boys , do not waste u r time , in giving help, like getting Bus tickets, cinema tickets, travel along with them for safety, do not involve in security works.<br />
<br />
Girls are using u only as a friend for their safe travel. this is not love. Do not assume this is love.<br />
even though they ask u to come along, for outside just because for their safety. do not assume they are in love. If u assume like that, it is your fault !!<br />
<br />
just behave how u move with boys. Suppose u have any work. Say that " sorry, i have work, u go along with u r parents or u r brother ". i have busy work ... they will not disturb u again. <br />
<br />
or a girl really love you means, she should always thinking about u . even if u not speak anything, she will come very close to u. Her eyes getting wet !! this is real love.!! <br />
<br />
Otherwise, eating in canteen, going in Bike, SMS, email, internet , helping each other alll<br />
these are not love... do not waste u r time.<br />
<br />
your Eyes and Her eyes both should get Wet ! this is true love.

You suffered from one side love. It sometimes succeed but not mostly.

hey buddy, same pinch..........!!!

don`t feel i can understand your feelings love does not comes seeing face it will come from heart don`t feel you will get a gud and sweet wife she will take care you well don`t worry to gud hearts everything will happen gud ..i also know pain of heart ache ..i loved a guy that was my first love ...i loved him like a mad ..but he never liked me ..when i see any boys he is only coming into mind ...if he is not loving also i m praying for him ..if he is happy means that is enough for happy always u will really get a gud wife wait for her,...thinking u as my brother i said if i said anything wrong forgive this sister....

before meeting a correct person we meet many wrong persons. so don't worry be happy

I feel for you, I have been ther and know the heart ache. I am sorry for you.

thanks, nice of you to pray for everybody else... just hang in there, i'm sure you'll meet someone who really likes you... XD