Whatever I do, I will bound to fail in love and I always do. I believe that 4/5 women I meet everyday will say that they have a boyfriend while the 1 person is married. I spend my time working diligent for my family and my little sister because we are living in poverty and our current situation is really bad. My parents don't have jobs, and I have a little sister that we help on her education. My dreams and my hopes are no longer attainable these days. Day by day, my trust towards women tends to be pretty grim. I now believe that today's society is becoming worse. Everyone's looking for that infamous yet handsome types these days and good men like me don't have a place in this world.

I recently met someone in an online game called Ragnarok 2. I thought she was the one. We were close for 3 days but after playing with her and another player, she never talked to me the same way she did like water suddenly stop waving in the sea. I got a feeling that player is her boyfriend and I was caught. She was from the US and I wanted to know her more so in the future, I can live there with her but I'm afraid that one-way ticket was shattered in pieces.

I also met an actress in person which I thought she was my soul-mate (same interests, etc.) but all of a sudden, she blocked me from Twitter believing her father was strict. I given up on her though I pray for her and her family that they will always be guided properly.

I did have a fair share of a long relationship (or so I thought it was). My 1st true girlfriend for 7 months turned out to be only just friends. She always hated me for holding her hands. She told me she wasn't ready for a relationship and she wants to be single yet she is with another now. To me, it was a waste of my time.

From all these failures in life and love, I can say that indeed some people like me will always be on a jinx despite praying hard that happiness will bring us in stable lives and we can do what is good so we can make people happy. I am a good man though I believe that I don't deserve anything good. I'm starting to become more grumpier as days go by.
CaptainHarlock CaptainHarlock
26-30, M
Aug 18, 2014