My Parents Would Be Better Off Without Me.

I am a complete failure at life.I am 21 years old and am wasting my parents hard earned money. I feel like I am trapped in an invisible  cage that  of depression and anxiety that no one else can see. My parents can easily afford everything, my tuition but the minute i spend a little extra beyond my budget they make me feel horrible. I feel like killing myself because after so many years I cant take it anymore. Sure it would cause them a littl pain and they will be initially hurt but atleast their money won't be spent and they can save more and hence have a wonderful retirement. I am going to kill myself. Thats the only way out and the only solution.
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4 Responses May 14, 2012

my parents never give me any money cause if i go out to lunch with a friend and they want to treat me my mom call me a sick homeless person
im 20 year old and wasted my whole life ruined my parents life cause of me
they would be much happier without me in their life so would my older brother that never care about me anymore either
no one ever care about me so i been alone for my whole life growing up with no friends or love
the trust is i never ever ever get alone with cambodia peoples cause they are rude annoying as heck and big gossped too and always talking behind my back how rude and sick i am
i dont get alone with many peoples so i alway been outcase from everything in life
i lock my self in my room all the time and never go outside and enjoy the real world much
all i do is go to school and come home to a house with no hopes,dream,or anything but a black hold that never end with all the pain and sorrow in life i want to kill myself so i dont have to life in this world anymore

Knowing that your parents spent a lot on you, why would you waste such an investment?<br />
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They invested in you because they want you to know that they love you so much and they value you. Believe me, I feel the same way. Everytime I wanted to buy something, my parents gives me the best and the most expensive one they could find. It makes me sick to the core. It's not that I don't like it, I just feel like I really really don't deserve it. <br />
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One time I failed one major, I cried so hard to my dad and I apologized. Apologized because They were just wasting their hard earned money for a stupid crap like me. My dad didn't accept my apology. He said that the money didn't matter as long as I have learned what I needed to learn and I did my best. People fail. Thought it may sound so cliche, failure is a stepping stone to success. (I hope)

You parents are going above and beyond their responsibility. You are an adult and should be grateful they are providing you this opportunity that so many don't have. Are you really going to pay back their generosity by killing yourself ? Not trying to be a jerk but grow up and act like the adult you are!

You need to think of making your own money. You are parents are to take care of you until you finish your college. Your studies, tuition fee, and some pocket money. If you expect more than that you do not deserve to ask. Just because you are their son, it is not your right to spend their hard earned money. You work hard and earn and spend as you like.<br />
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Please do not think of foolishly to kill yourself for this great cause, and make your parents feel that they wasted all their energy and money on a foolish man.