My life, my current situation, my love life, my well-being is a failure. Well, it's hard to live this way. But what choice do I have? I don't get to travel and live in another place. My country has corrupt politicians (no offense to them, they just want to swim in piles of money). No opportunities for me here. It's like trying to cross between two dead ends and there is no solution to it. Think of a cursed rubric cube that can never solve anything.

Why? Because even your own family doesn't want progress because they don't want me to succeed because it will be more of God's will to live a very simple way of life. I got tired of praying to God or anyone. It's like I live inside a black hole. If you have authoritative families, your freedom to do what is best is fairly limited. Top it all up being poor and chickless, it's a disaster.

I try to find a girl of my life and what do I get? No time for a relationship, already have a boyfriend for 1-5 years, always busy. Today, women tend to choose bad boys over simple, kind and humble men. What is this, hell?

I'm not trying to be negative but what I believe is reality nowadays. I gotta vent off my steam even for a little while.
CaptainHarlock CaptainHarlock
26-30, M
Aug 19, 2014