Who Is Me

I'm complex and hard to understand for everyone, including myself. I thirst for knowledge and try to absorb as much as possible. I enjoy going toe to toe in a philososophical debate with the hope of confronting someone that can present a point so eliquently that i am able to learn where they are coming from and am able to respectfuly disagree with the hopes of researching their point more thoroughly. However, I somehow retain more useless information than that of a game show participant. I'm a wierd combination of book smart and street smart. If this is not polarizing enough, I am open-minded to people's sexual orientation and quite explorative myself. What I mean is.,..I am not intimidated nor insensative to those people that live a gay lifestyle. I myself am straight and married. However, my sexual urges are not exactly mainstream. I'm not attracted to men and have no desire to be sexual intimate with one. However, I will let spread my *** and let a woman demolish my *** my any means she desires. I've even fantasized about multiple women running a train on my ***. I want to experience some phases of bondage and would love to tackle multiple women at one time. I've watched enough **** to know that I love watching a woman get ****** in either her ***** or *** by a **** too big to handle. With that said, she hangs on and allows herself to be punished and takes it like a soldier. I love to watch as she struggles to withstand the overwhelming onslaught, It is this characteristic that first intrigued me. Could I hang in there like that? So now I welcome my wife to **** my *** wih her ******* on choice. I understand the taboo of this within our society which eventually leads to society acceptance or sexual appetitie? This complexity is only the tip of the iceberg
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Sep 16, 2012