The Good And The Evil

I can be the sun
that shines and illuminates 
without belonging to one person
I can be the star 
that you look at the sky to see me
and it is right there
I can be the scent 
that arouses such a jealousy 
driving some people crazy
I can be the hummingbird
that kisses flowers 
and leaves with desires 
I can be the loneliness 
that awakes fascination
finding the right answers
I can be the lightning 
that lits up the darkness
bringing a new hope
I can be the danger 
that could break some hearts
when they expect more than I can give
I can be the good and the evil 
that walk together every day
making me a complex person
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5 Responses Jan 13, 2013

Beautifully expressed. You've really encapsulated human complexity with your words.

Delectibly written. Your words have texture, taste and sweet aroma.

Wonderfully put. Your real talent shines once again.
I think the dangers are not necessarily dangerous. They open life to new experiences. Not all that bad. Its that Hummingbird that gets me :)


I think we can all be like this. Two sides of a coin. Very well written princess.