Who Am I?

No matter how many times I ask myself that question I still come up with the answer "I don't know". Seems that every time I turn around I find something new about myself. I found that I love sexy undies. I love watching people. I get off on fantasy's. Sometimes I'm quiet and shy and at others loud and bold. Sometimes I pull on my old robe and curl up with a good book and other times I am wearing my sexy undies and reading dirty stories while having fun with myself. I want to run to the ends of the earth just to see what is there. And yet I just want to lay on a beach somewhere and soak in the sun. I am a complex person this is true...so complex I am still discovering who I am.

Rainystorm Rainystorm
41-45, F
6 Responses Mar 17, 2009

its life & it will be like that 4ever

I feel you have said the exact way I feel about myself. I too am a complex person. Some don't know what to make of me, and sometimes I don't know what to make of myself!

Hehehehe....I can only run naked when no one is around. I do enjoy it, but would be too embarassed to do it anywhere but home.

All the things you are talking about are good but are even better when you are naked.

I sure hope not PW cause that would be really boring, huh?

I can relate..One never stops learning about themselves ..Do they?