Complicated Mess: Who Is The Real Me?

I am complicated, really complicated I must say. People around me must have feel that too, but no one ever tells me that. I look like the average girl next door : not pretty, not clever, not rich. In school, I am labelled as a nerd. But strangely, i dont mind that people think I am buried under books all the time, because I know very well I am a very different inside. I become this different person, which is my true self out of school. I like to read, but I only read to ease my mind. I hate studying as much as anyone else. I love music and I sing, dance, laugh. I am a huge fan of entertainment. In school, however, i am a stressed out, serious, boring tight-***! Sometimes, I feel i am multi-faceted too. I am like a chameleon. I am different when I am with different people. So who is the real me???
fuglygirlonthebench fuglygirlonthebench
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6 Responses Dec 28, 2010

from my experience it's all down to being shy and not being able to express yourself around certain people:)

Oh You sound exactly like me :)

This IS the real you.<br />
Pitifully, humans are social beings, so when being exposed to different social environments, you adjust yourself to them, without even noticing, unless you are completely stupid and are dumb all the time :)<br />
Don't worry, that's normal.

yeah, i make myself confused...hahah

I think most people tend to be different depending on the people they happen to be with (at least to a degree). I don't think it is anything to worry about, unless you think you are being phony. I'm sure you're not :)

I am different when I am with different people too. I am currently trying to take a look at myself and figure out the same thing. For most things I break it down to being a Gemini. I'm also starting to believe that I'll never know the real me however, for a more postive out look, as long as we can learn to love ourselves that all that matters.