Complicated, Yes..

I am cut into a puzzle,

with a picture that's black.

My multi-paneled face

is where I shelve a horde of masks.

I quip and gibe,

for I am a toddler.

I have wisdom

but only because of you, father.

I bend and fold my heart

to match any sword.

Which results in rocky coldness,

where love strikes not a chord.

I constantly seek,

to no avail.

And when it comes to life,

I seem to always fail.


I try speaking,

to send a message.


Fill my pause with your own adage.


But be Truthful

and make me see,

through this complication,

Oh! For you to speak

would break me free…

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7 Responses Apr 28, 2011

Love this too! I wonder if the person happened along to give you some insight into the complication :)


is a nice way to describe it

Complicated, but only because you have so many facets and strive to use them all wisely :)

AWESOME!! Loved it..

Very nicely done, yes one person does have the ability to break through barriers that noone has ever done so before. We all look for that person. Hope you find yours.

"I am cut into a puzzle,<br />
with a picture that's black.<br />
My multi-paneled face<br />
is where I shelve a horde of masks."<br />
<br />
Oh man.. I like that.