A Very Happy Belated Birthday Gift...

I can't say I believe in Angels or Miracles
but something brought me to where I met her

It is a Bizarre feeling...sensing a haunting presence
One that feels so familiar
Yet, The How and Why are so Elusive
The mutual draw, I just knew

From the instant I saw her,
...and trust me, I may not Know much
But I just knew

Her Raven-esque Hair lured me right In
She stood there in her High Heels
Long and Slender physique
Seductive Red Ruffled Shirt
A delicate Milk soft complexion
With A Sparkle of a smile that will brighten the Darkest hour
Breathtakingly Classy...Chic and Sexy
Clamped within this Vixens Grip
Unyielding in its intensity
Raw Unforgiving Mesmerizing Power
I felt victimized by my surrender
Completely Bewitched by her Angelic Voice
Hypnotizing my soul...Charming my very thoughts
Helplessly drawn to his Siren's Tone

Before I knew it (and as already said..I don't know much)
Four hours elapsed
She saw me beckon her with my eyes
She greeted me With her Words
It's as if we were old friends...that hadn't seen each other in some time
Her demure features...
Dark shaded lipstick lined her luscious lips

She touched my hand and her feel was so familiar...
In her tone, I can almost hear
"I knew you'd come, but you surprised me tonight"
For you see, to her she was meeting a Tall, Mysterious gentleman that didn't laugh at her tipsy trollop behavior.

I came here tonight by chance
I came here with Joe
Eighty80%percent of my Saturdays are spent avoiding social atmospheres
But, on the rare occasion that I may be feeling frisky, perhaps marginally social...and that does occur
I do spend my time with Joe
Over the past year and a half
No more then on THREE separate evenings did we Visit the establishment in which I acquainted myself with Ms Scarlet
Luck favored my chances This Past Saturday
A day after my Birthday

She in many ways, was an unexpected belated Birthday Gift!
Ferric67 Ferric67
36-40, M
Feb 3, 2012